Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Great Debate: Conclusion

The majority (3 Votes) believes that Yes, America is slipping away as the big culinary dog. While some (2 votes) think that Kinda, and have voiced their opinions.

From comments and talks I've gathered we once again find ourselves not in the debate of "Are we slipping?" but rather "Slipping from what?".

We've come back to the idea that there is no original cuisine in America. What, if any, was considered "Traditional American Cuisine" is nothing more then variations of styles of cooking, techniques, and recipes from around the world.

This is really no big surprise, We are a country discovered, founded, invaded, and settled by many cultures, traditions, and hence, Cuisines.

Our rise to the top of culinary prowess has only been possible by changes in media, public interest, and by some damn good marketing.

It was never really a matter of "Why aren't we the best?" or "Oh no were slipping" but curiosity as to why our interest once again wanes from what we have here at home, to what is going on in far away places. Its in that that we can find a hint to why.

We have become familiar with what we are doing on the home front, so now we seek outside of it. We look back in wonder and what's going on around us. It works in the fashion of most things, everything repeats itself but in a different way, time, place, and with different insight and interest. The culinary world is no different.

America may be slipping down the non-existent (thank god) chart of "The Top Culinary Country" (give it time, I'm sure someone will have a reality show for this)  but it's not necessarily a bad thing. We will look more closely at what others are doing, what we are doing, and hopefully, we will improve the way we eat, drink, and be merry.


Anonymous said...

I think it could be said that American traditional cuisine is what was created from immigrants who could not aquire their original ingredients from their homeland once they established themselves in the USA. Yes, the roots of American cooking all come from elsewhere, but there is a definite New World spin on dishes and traditions, not only in the states, but in particular cities, then sections of that city,then blocks, then families. No? Just my thoughts :)

The Foodist said...


Your right, and even european cuisine is the same. Sicilian cooking was heavily influenced by Moorish occupation, Southern France/Spain as well.

Cuisine has just been the adapation of dishes and recipes to fit local needs/surplus.

I dont want to be misread and thought Im saying there is no American Cuisine, because there very much is American Cuisine. It is just not as traditional/old/strongly rooted I think as a lot of other cuisines.

tyronebcookin said...

Well, I can live with that...

I guess (myself personally) feel I have some strong food roots here where I was raised in the south, along with some good training and apprenticeships during my life so far.

But as a whole, the U.S. has not been around as long as the others (established as a country) so I really can not argue that.

SIGH, I wish Das Netwerk would quit pimpin' us out as I feel it diminishes the great work we strive to put forth in the Culinary field.

If one more person in Walmart (there to buy Christmas presents after work, not food) gawks at me with my chef coat on asking that question...'are you a chef?' with stars in their eyes I think I will leave the country (oh wait, I am...next month!)

thank God, literally.

Good thought provoking material Foodist!

Disclaimer - all my comments are made with personal speculation and passion as it pertains to my mood at the time.

The Foodist said...


you have to admit that there is a slightly better feeling about people looking at you in your whites then there was say 5 years ago.

I remember walking around in whites some 5 or 7 years ago and people looked at me sideways, now its "ohhh" and "ahhh"

In its early years Das Netwerk was great, and did great things for us. Now, sadly, it seems nothing more then a Happy Homemaker Channel. I mean they even have info-mercials on at 3 am.

but I digress...

ps-speaking of personal opinions..you dont really shop at wallyworld do you?! ;-P

tyronebcookin said...

Yeah, in the beginning I kinda liked it, now i want to say something smart like, 'No, I am not a chef...can't you tell I am a fireman?' LOL

Hey no wally-world shopping for food, just batteries and 'other peoples' Christmas items :o)

And yes, Das Netwerk did do a lot for bringing our profession to the forefront.

I hate it when you make me give credit where credit is do! (its easier just to seethe and loathe) But thats not Christian now is it?

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