Monday, January 28, 2008

Yogurt, the other white health food

I have my E-mail set up to send me hits on various topics like Foie Gras, Food Trends, Food Photography, Recipes and the like.

This morning it yielded an interesting story involving Yogurt and how recent studies have concluded the bacteria and microbes found in yogurt help our digestive track.

Now this should really be common sense, I mean I think everyone who's ever taken high school science classes knows that our stomach and intestinal track include a worlds fair of bacteria and microbes that help digest and ingest food.

Taking a closer look at yogurt, again thanks to our good friend McGee, we see that the main cultures found in yogurt are:

"Lactobacillus delbrueckii subspecies bulgaricus, and streptococcus salivarius subspecies thermophilus. Each bacterium stimulates the growth of the other, and the combination acidifies the milk more rapidly then either partner on its own."

The article also makes note of Lactobacillus acidophilus while is the same family as delbrueckii and is used in many countries to assist in the yogurt making process.

I suppose we should be expecting a rise in coverage of this topic in coming months, but then I think back a year or more now only to realize that during the Health Craze Sway of the early 2000's we saw a lot more yogurts advertised heavily by food companies. Increased pressure to get children eating right led to items such as Gogurt (Yogurt in a tube) and Trix Yogurt, both produces of Yoplait. If you notice at the top of the article is a picture of a dietitian with her daughter, holding a box of the stuff.

I guess the real thing we need to watch is, eating yogurt will help our digestion greatly, perhaps lowering cases of colon cancer in years to come, but do we have to do it with added sugar and preservatives?

only time will tell on that one. Now if you don't mind, I think ill go smother my fruit in some yogurt for good measure!


Scotty said...

Amen, Brother.

I really wonder if the sweetened aspect of things like Gogurt actually counteract the beneficial effect of the bacteria. I am not so concerned for my kids, and yes I have Gogurt in the downstairs fridge, but for adults who think sweetened yogurt is healthy.

Use yogurt "cheese" as a smear on breakfast toast (but not for lox and bagels!!!! and devour yogurt in things like tzatziki! Substitute yogurt whey in recipes calling for buttermilk.

You are so right: if you need sweet, add fresh fruit!

Rant off!

The Foodist said...

Im sure the sugar wont negat any of the positives of the bacteria, but the added sugar in the diet doesnt help.

The biggest issue is the fact that kids in America at least dont really know what real yogurt tastes like. Give an average kid a pint of unsugared yogurt and Ill bet my bottom dollar the response will be something along the lines of "ewww"

Scotty said...

That's what I meant. And I like the taste of Yogurt! Do you think there is a battle between sweet and savory across the board here?

The Foodist said...

Not sure if its a true battle, but like marry poopins said "spoonful of sugar.."

Bob del Grosso said...

Yogurt sucks. Who cares how good for you it is. The only thing it's good for is as a sauce for cucumbers and even sour creme does a better job of that.

I will allow that it is good to eat when you are on antibiotics, but anyone who eats it when they do not have to needs counseling :-0.

The Foodist said...

My mother eats yogurt with fruit every morning Bob..

are you talking bad about my mother? are you Bob?!

Anonymous said...

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