Friday, February 1, 2008

In-Humane Video

Many of you have probably already heard about or seen this but...

I just watched the video and have to say, its just plain cruel.

Normally I get on the defensive against all these "Humane" video's (IE all the Foie vids) but this one deserves its time in the sun.

So follow this link to the video.

Be forewarned it is very tough to watch, and very graphic.

But some items need to be taken note of:
-The company commiting these acts apparently supplies the meat to schools in some states, including Maryland.
-The company also supplies meat to elderly and needy programs
-They are using "Downed Cattle" for meat. These animals are either to sick, old, or weak to move.

Immediately after the release of the video Westland Meat Company posted this on their website.

What can you do to help?

-Go to the Humane Society of America web site and follow their links.
-Write to the USDA and ask them to focus on monitoring cattle yards more closely.
-Write to your elected officials in State and Federal Government and ask them to put pressure on the USDA to step up inspections and to investigate more thoroughly the companies that are signed contracts to feed our children.
-And most importantly be aware of where and who you are getting your meat from. The shorter the distance between the farm to your plate the better life will be. It’s harder for folks in more populated areas (IE New York City) to do so, so if this is the case buy from trustworthy vendors.

Things like this should never happen, but sadly it’s a reality the lax controls do cause occurrences such as this to happen. Step up, demand action be taken, and remember for all the BS anti-meat propaganda out there, there are some cases that need to be paid attention to.

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