Monday, February 11, 2008

I Hope These Guys Dont Work For You

I get some strange emails sometimes, but one with just a link to this:

Had to be shared.

Slow day in the kitchen fellas?


Joseph Bayot said...

I thought this post was a link to this video:

(warning: turn down your speakers and don't go if you're kinda squeamish...)

I'm not sure which video scares me more, this one in terms of the future of cooks (although I would do it ONCE if I were curious) or the other one in terms of horrific kitchen accidents.

The Foodist said...

Wow...... Thats a really messed up video! lol

That video is def a possibility in a lot of kitchens, but seems slightly over the top.

I agree with you though, Id say if you put those two videos together you would have at least some of the kitchens in this country! lol