Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Cook(ed) Book

Now I’ve always been one for curling up next to a warm fire to read a few chapters in a good book, but throwing the book into that fire to be able to read it?! Now that’s interesting!

It seems that Bruketa & Zinić have created an interesting and exciting way to release their annual report for the food company Podravka. The book must be placed in an oven before it can be read!

Well Done was created using a thermo-reactive ink and paper that exposes images and text after being baked at 100°C (212°F) for 25 minutes. Not only that it’s a very slick looking book, a sterile appearance with clean images and texts.

Not only does the book itself contain the report but a smaller book inserted into the pages of the first are filled with recipes and products from Podravka.

All in all an amazing marketing strategy by the company to get people to purchase and read their report.

Thanks to Ed from The Input for pointing this one out!


Ed said...

Hello Steve,

Thanks for reading my blog! I did really like this story =)


P.S. For my curiosity's sake, may I ask how you found me?

The Foodist said...

oui! im hurt Ed! you dont remember me from our days wasted infront of a guild called Ordained?!


Ed said...


ZOMG! I didn't know you were *that* Steve!


Your blog doesn't mention your WoW-dom, how could I know? lol

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