Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Sweet Necter

While in Introduction to Advanced Table Service at Caterina we're required to make a presentation on an Italian Person, Place, or Thing.

After I finished putting my presentation together I realized something....
I never write much about the drink on here!

Now I'm not what you would call a big drinker, I more of a social drinker but I do have my vices. Most of the time I spend my days sipping on a 7&7 (yeah yeah I know, Old Mans Drink) but there are a few occasions where I will indulge myself.

There are few liquors I enjoy more then Tuaca. I first found the drink when I was working for a chain restaurant (that shall remain unnamed) which was including the drink in two applications on their menu. As a mixer and an accompanying shot to an iced drink. I was standing around the bar after my shift and saw a bottle I failed to recognize in the managers hands. When I enquired about it I was offered a small taste and fell in love.

Tuaca, an imported Italian Liquor, is made with Brandy with hints of fruit notes and a strong flavor of Vanilla and Citrus. It’s wonderful amber brown in color and succeeds at a warming mouth feel that goes down smooth.

Most often Tuaca is served as a mixer for drinks, but one of the best applications for the drink is as a Digestivo (after dinner drink). Served with one or two ice cubes in a glass and poured slowly over it is a fantastic way to end the meal.

As for culinary applications Tuaca works in the same arena as Frangelico and Grande Marnier. The nutty vanilla and cirtus (mostly orange) flavors of the liquor are accented when reduced or flamed leading this drink a wonderful way to accent any number of deserts from mousse to Crème Brulee.

Though, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best deserts you can do is pouring yourself a shot of Tuaca then adding a single scoop of Vanilla ice cream/Gelato to the glass.... Heaven.


Krysta said...

I just made a batch of vanilla bean ice cream. I now know what I'm going to serve with it. Thanks for the idea.

The Foodist said...


Your very welcome. Also try using Tuaca in place of liquors like Frangelico and Gran Marnier... good stuff!

Let me know how you like it with the ice cream!

Steven said...

Sounds Tasty. Thanks for the heads up. BTW I'm a C block student who just started my own food blog essentially following my tenure here at the CIA. Don't have any posts yet but the my 1st one will be coming up this week as I finish meat class. Any tips for the new guy?

The Foodist said...


-Study... Study...Study.
-Get an "alarm buddy" if your AM. Someone to bang on your door in the morning.
-Dont be afraid to ask alot of questions
-When you get into the kitchens watch the others stations as well as your own, you may get stuck grilling something two classes in a row and miss out on other items or techniques.
-Did I mention Study?