Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The End is Near!

Reporting in from the field...

A whole lot of nothing exciting happening here really. 5 Days remain on summer break and honestly I cant wait to return to school. Theres nothing worse then being pennyless, jobless, and bored out of your mind.. but for 3 weeks straight? oh the humanity!

Hopefully Ill have something interesting to return to.


Josh said...

I'm looking forward to my one month break between summer semester and fall semester although by the end I'm sure I will be ready to get back into it.

Went to a Brazilian steakhouse in DC several weeks ago that was brilliant. We were there for a bachelor party and the way they serve everything was perfect for the event. Everyone gets a little coaster looking thing that is red on one side and green on the other. If you flip it to green guys with giant skewers of meats (from filet mignon to chicken wings) show up and just carve/give you meat. They have fifteen different cuts and they were all pretty damned tasty and I thought the way it was served was really cool. Anyway, just thought you'd find that interesting.

The Foodist said...


Yeah I hit up a Steakhouse in AZ while I was there, generaly not impressed with service but the food was good.

Ive been to those types of places a couple time, I have the same love for them I have for Habachi... more please!