Sunday, July 1, 2007

Shoutout Sunday: Double Duty Edition

Gonna kill two birds with one stone today...

Shoutout Sunday:

Via Googlemail alerts comes The French Laundry At Home. This site popped up while Ive been watching my googlemail alerts for tags associated with Foie Gras. After poking through the blog Ive really come to appreciate what shes doing here. Shes not a chef, nor does she even work in a restaurant, but as a food lover shes trying to tackle most of, if not all, the recipies found in The French Laundry Cookbook.

Im gonna be watching this one closely to see how she does, Kudos to her for actually making the effort to not only make these recipies but document them the best she can via the blog.

Movie Review:

I use the term review lightly, cause its just my opinion but..

If you have yet to see Ratatouille... GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!

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Its cute, heartwarming, funny and best part is you dont even have to work in the buisiness to appreciate all the little things about it. The critics are saying its probably the best Pixar film to date, Im going to have to agree with them there. I really did enjoy it from start to finish.


Jezebel said...

It was rather cute wasn't it.
a little educational too when it come down to explaining the different type of chefs in the kitchen...

not to mention having a few funny lines

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot wait to get the DVD when it becomes available in November. It seems silly, but I regard this movie as classics material. As a computer geek by training, I was in awe over the sheer beauty of the graphics rendering (the mathematics behind 3d graphics are boggling). The story was classic and the characters were memorable. To this day, having seen the movie only once when it first appeared in theater, I can recall scenes as if I just watched the movie. Bravo!

(The death of Gusteau eerily reminded me of Chef Bernard Loiseau.)