Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Holy Hole In a Donut Batman...

What a (uneventful)Vacation that was!

I swear if sitting on your A*# doing nothing was an Olympic sport Id have the gold medal after that marathon.

But seriously, nothing really overly exciting to report on that front except maybe some good times spent with some good friends.

On my way to returning to school I may a short stop at my friends’ house to see their brand new shiny baby girl..

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..Now normally I don’t fall into that trap of "Oh it’s the cutest baby ever!" but I have to admit, between the fire red hair and the big wide cute a button eyes this baby could melt even the coldest heart.

During my short stay my friend decided he wanted to BBQ, stating that "It’s not no fancy meal, but hell it’s BBQ".

He must know that after vanilla soft serve and sorbet, BBQ is my third Kryptonite.

He greeted me with corn soaking in the sink and fresh turkey burgers/dogs in the fridge. I was very pleasantly surprised to notice that he knew the old Keep the husk on and soak it before grilling it trick.

He bought the corn at a local farmers market/farm stand and I have to say it had to have been some of the juiciest, most flavorful, tongue pleasing corn I have had in a long long long long time.

We stayed on the topic of corn for awhile, me bringing up what I’ve read in Omnivores Dilemma about the subject (which by the way I have yet to finish but love), and hung around talking about food for some time.

I think one of the best discussions we had was about eating out and rating the places we eat. Me being, well me, tend to look at every detail from service to the food itself picking apart and formulating opinion on every aspect. Where as he made it a point to state he focused on mostly how service is handled and upon receiving his food tends "to shovel it away without any real regard to the finer details" (if I so may paraphrase).

All in all it was 3 weeks of mindless, brain cell killing, agonizing boredom in which had its great moments.

It’s always a good feeling though, and one I haven’t had the joy of having for some time, to sit down with people whose company you enjoy and to just talk and eat.

But in the end, like with all things the quiet serenity of long boring summer days spent hiding from the heat and humidity fade away like a setting sun into the return of the norm.

And I’m back, worrying about grades, stressing out about money, and diving head first into bake shop.

..and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Bob del Grosso said...

That kid is cute Foodist, no need to apologize for that. But you know what? As a dad with two kids who were also very beautiful babies I now realize that that part of what makes them all so cute at that age is their inability to ask for money, steal crap out of you bathroom, throw junk all over the house and refuse to clean it up and most importantly say the word "no."

Once they learn that word, they never look truly cute again.

The Foodist said...


I agree totaly. When my son learned the word No (his fourth word if I remember correctly) all hell broke loose.

as for stealing crap out of your bathroom, well I think your on your own there.. got toothpaste pictures on your wall?