Sunday, March 16, 2008


I don't know how he finds a lot of this stuff but..

Bob del Grosso found a video of Chef Cheng at the Culinary Institute of America giving a lecture and demo on deboning a chicken.

Now you should watch this video twice; the first time pay attention to what shes doing with the knife, the second listen to what she says..

Now, If youve watched it twice I want to point out two things

1- Shes moving at quarter speed for her, she can debone a whole chicken in record time... its insanity.
2- Yeah thats rights, she said 30 chickens a day for 3 months, and it still probably wont be enough practice.... Can you imagine spending 3+ months doing 30+ whole chickens a day? At the start of the video she mentions she used to do 100 chickens a day..That my friends is devotion

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