Monday, March 10, 2008

Nope Not Dead...

Just been busy shifting myself from New York to destinations unknown.

I did however have time in the last week to drive up to Harrisburg, PA to tour the TRÖEGS Brewery with some friends.

Still sadly lacking a camera I wasn't able to snap any pictures but was none the less impressed with the operation. Harrisburg has a long standing history with alcohol brewing pre-prohibition, and in the years following there have been a slew of small brewers popping up to try to revitalize the craft in the area. In my opinion Troegs is one of the ones doing it right. Focusing on 5 good year round brews they also offer numerous seasonal brews, one of which has become a very well liked and respected brew; Mad Elf Ale.

I've heard a good friend rant and rave about Mad Elf for years, but didn't realize it has such a loyal following. On top of that the work and love they put into brewing it is impressive. They brew the limited stock for up to 2 months... that's a long time to wait for a glass of beer! but don't worry its worth it.

Like some of their bigger co-horts like Yuengling, Troegs is only available within a certain distance from the brewery.

"Bars, Restaurants and Retailers throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region; PA, VA, NJ, DE, MD and NY"

So if your ever in the area, and your looking for a good pint look for Troegs and if you ever find yourself in Harrisburg stop by the brewery on Saturdays at 2pm for the tour!


tyronebcookin said...

I am not a beer drinker, but did they have any hard ciders that were seasonal?

I know a place in NorCal (California) called 99 Bottles and they have a great Pear Cider on tap...

Delicious, and will relax that noggin ' for you too!

The Foodist said...

unfortantly They dont have any hard ciders, in the scheme of things these guys are real small.

Im not a big beer drinker also, but it was great to see the operation from the inside.

Anonymous said...

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