Monday, March 17, 2008

Food Fight

I logged into my email this morning to see my friend Josh's status message:

"Greatest thing EVER..."

Followed by a link to this video:


The conception is ingenious. Every major American military conflict re-enacted through the the foods of the countries involved.

From the creators of the film:

"Thank you everyone for all the amazing feedback and postings about the film on the various forums of the interwebs. Great comments. Before and after the film was completed, the friends I screened it to fell into two camps: You Should Have Captions and You Shouldn't Have Captions. I felt that if I added captions it would be too easy. Besides, if the viewer read the synopsis beforehand, it would be more fun trying to figure it out while watching. However, there are also people who watch it without reading the synopsis...and they usually catch on to the analogy by 9/11...but even then, much of everything else tends to get lost. Regardless, I hope it entertains whether one's clued in or not, because some of the action and food representation can be pretty obscure even to the keenest of historians, foodies, and foodie-historians."

Check out the homepage for this video here.


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