Monday, March 10, 2008

Like Looking Into A Crystal Ball

So I'm sitting here watching Anthony Bourdain get his butt kicked on the line at Les Halles, and I cant help but wonder how many years till I'm standing where he is?

I'm laughing and talking with a friend about the episode and I'm think to myself "I better watch it, Karmas a .." well you know.

Watching the anxious looks on the cooks faces at the "FNG", Seeing him pace nervously before the dinner rush, and watching him stress over the lack of space in which he has to cook numerous dishes is the truth of it.

But in all honesty she says to me:

"so, maybe I'm just a fangirl...but I really think this is one of the most quality shows on tv, period."

And I think she's right on the money. Besides the normal programing on the show, it really shows the quality to do a show like this and to do it the way he did. Its like an Idiots Guide to Working a Line.

If you didn't catch the episode, I highly suggest you do. And next time your in a "Turn and Burn" restaurant, you might be moved to say Thank you.

Thanks Tony, Even if that steak did come back undercooked I think you did a decent job.

Check out Tony's Blog post about why he chose to do this episode here.

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