Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Lot More Sun...

After some to and fro with job offers I was finally given a offer (that was retracted at the last minute) that I couldn't pass up. Thankfully this one was also I Miami, so plans changed very little.

I now find myself in a city that loves food almost as much as it loves suntan lotion, so the next few months should be rather exciting and interesting for me.

With that being said the blogging idea for me is about to take on a drastic change as well. Things are in the works, but I can say with confidence that it wont be close to what its been so far. I really haven't been happy with my writing or my content to date, and as they say... If your not happy with something; Change it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Now That's a Happy Meal

A friend sent me a link to this:


Now, I'm not endorsing ripping anyone off, no matter if its a giant evil corporation or not.. but you have to admit, its pretty funny and slick.

Shady...but slick.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pot Shots at Chefs?

Weird news story came across the wire today..

Chef Paul Prudhomme grazed by bullet while setting up outdoor event in New Orleans.

I seriously hope this was just a strange event and nothing more..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Case of the Missing Fish

Linked to me this morning by a friend..

Chinook Salmon Vanish

Not good folks, not good at all.

Food Fight

I logged into my email this morning to see my friend Josh's status message:

"Greatest thing EVER..."

Followed by a link to this video:


The conception is ingenious. Every major American military conflict re-enacted through the the foods of the countries involved.

From the creators of the film:

"Thank you everyone for all the amazing feedback and postings about the film on the various forums of the interwebs. Great comments. Before and after the film was completed, the friends I screened it to fell into two camps: You Should Have Captions and You Shouldn't Have Captions. I felt that if I added captions it would be too easy. Besides, if the viewer read the synopsis beforehand, it would be more fun trying to figure it out while watching. However, there are also people who watch it without reading the synopsis...and they usually catch on to the analogy by 9/11...but even then, much of everything else tends to get lost. Regardless, I hope it entertains whether one's clued in or not, because some of the action and food representation can be pretty obscure even to the keenest of historians, foodies, and foodie-historians."

Check out the homepage for this video here.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I don't know how he finds a lot of this stuff but..

Bob del Grosso found a video of Chef Cheng at the Culinary Institute of America giving a lecture and demo on deboning a chicken.

Now you should watch this video twice; the first time pay attention to what shes doing with the knife, the second listen to what she says..

Now, If youve watched it twice I want to point out two things

1- Shes moving at quarter speed for her, she can debone a whole chicken in record time... its insanity.
2- Yeah thats rights, she said 30 chickens a day for 3 months, and it still probably wont be enough practice.... Can you imagine spending 3+ months doing 30+ whole chickens a day? At the start of the video she mentions she used to do 100 chickens a day..That my friends is devotion

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Great Debate: How Do You Do That BBQ That You Do So Well?

I was eating at a local place, Greenmount Station Restaurant and Lounge, enjoying typical Bar-esq food when I ordered a side of BBQ sauce in which to smother my Old-Bay covered fries. I would go on to complain about Old Bay, but it is Maryland and that's not the main topic... but...

When the BBQ sauce arrived I noticed the "Style" right off the bat. Its loose consistency and light reddish color led me to immediately assume it was going to taste a lot like flavored ketchup, to which I was correct.

I must have had an expression of disappointment on my face that was so obvious a blind man could see it because my friend and long time dining companion took one look at me and said..

"Not the kind you like is it?"

She's not wrong, but at the same time not right either. There are so many styles of BBQ and BBQ Sauce out there, ranging from Carolina style to Northern Style sweets, that its hard to say "I hate this style". But in all honesty the style that tastes like flavored ketchup to me is the biggest disappointment ever.

Without missing a beat she stole the sauce from me and used it herself exclaiming "I hate BBQ Sauce, but I looove this style!" which lead to a long discussion about styles of BBQ, Why she hated BBQ sauce so much, and why I disliked that style so much.

For me, if I am going to order a side of BBQ Sauce or BBQ' d something I sure as hell don't want it tasting like ketchup. If I wanted Ketchup, Id just order Ketchup.

So I thought I'd come home and pick the brains of what readers I do have and see what people think about BBQ Sauce/BBQ in general.

As usual during The Great Debate the poll is posted on the right hand side, and Id love to hear why you chose the style you did!


It was brought to my attention that I may have to give a brief description of the difference between each style. Keep in mind that almost every state in the US alone claims to have a unique style, but I am going to stick to the most common. So here it goes:

California- Used on everything from Pizzas to Portobello Mushrooms this style contains an acidic and sweet quality taken mostly from the use of citrus fruits like Oranges and Pineapples when the sauce is prepared.

Georgia- Famous for its Pork BBQ, Georgia style is based on ketchup, molasses, bourbon, garlic, cayenne pepper, and other ingredients to form a sweeter style sauce with a kick of acidity.

Kentucky- Home of so many BBQ Cook-offs it should be a state sanctioned sport! The style here is a mix of tomato and vinegar base with strong oak and smoke flavors.

Kansas- Claimed to be the "Worlds Capital of BBQ", Kansas BBQ is without fail one of the most recognized and respected styles to date. Kansas City style uses a sweet, spicy sauce with a tomato base.

Carolina's- Now I know someone is going to yell at me for putting the two into one section, but for the most part they are similar. Vinegar based BBQ reigns most common here.

Texas- Ahh yes, who could forget Texas. Beef, Beef, Beef, and some pork. From what I've tasted and gathered most Texas styles are Tomato based with added vinegar for acidity.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Like Looking Into A Crystal Ball

So I'm sitting here watching Anthony Bourdain get his butt kicked on the line at Les Halles, and I cant help but wonder how many years till I'm standing where he is?

I'm laughing and talking with a friend about the episode and I'm think to myself "I better watch it, Karmas a .." well you know.

Watching the anxious looks on the cooks faces at the "FNG", Seeing him pace nervously before the dinner rush, and watching him stress over the lack of space in which he has to cook numerous dishes is the truth of it.

But in all honesty she says to me:

"so, maybe I'm just a fangirl...but I really think this is one of the most quality shows on tv, period."

And I think she's right on the money. Besides the normal programing on the show, it really shows the quality to do a show like this and to do it the way he did. Its like an Idiots Guide to Working a Line.

If you didn't catch the episode, I highly suggest you do. And next time your in a "Turn and Burn" restaurant, you might be moved to say Thank you.

Thanks Tony, Even if that steak did come back undercooked I think you did a decent job.

Check out Tony's Blog post about why he chose to do this episode here.

Nope Not Dead...

Just been busy shifting myself from New York to destinations unknown.

I did however have time in the last week to drive up to Harrisburg, PA to tour the TRÖEGS Brewery with some friends.

Still sadly lacking a camera I wasn't able to snap any pictures but was none the less impressed with the operation. Harrisburg has a long standing history with alcohol brewing pre-prohibition, and in the years following there have been a slew of small brewers popping up to try to revitalize the craft in the area. In my opinion Troegs is one of the ones doing it right. Focusing on 5 good year round brews they also offer numerous seasonal brews, one of which has become a very well liked and respected brew; Mad Elf Ale.

I've heard a good friend rant and rave about Mad Elf for years, but didn't realize it has such a loyal following. On top of that the work and love they put into brewing it is impressive. They brew the limited stock for up to 2 months... that's a long time to wait for a glass of beer! but don't worry its worth it.

Like some of their bigger co-horts like Yuengling, Troegs is only available within a certain distance from the brewery.

"Bars, Restaurants and Retailers throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region; PA, VA, NJ, DE, MD and NY"

So if your ever in the area, and your looking for a good pint look for Troegs and if you ever find yourself in Harrisburg stop by the brewery on Saturdays at 2pm for the tour!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Goes Around..

I got home and reconnected to my digital drug dealer (The Internets) just in time to catch Bob posting THIS little number.

"Members of a U.S. House oversight committee are expected to order the owner of the Southern California slaughterhouse involved the largest beef recall in the nation's history to testify on Capitol Hill.

Members of the Committee on Energy and Commerce's Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations were expected to vote Wednesday to subpoena Hallmark/Westland Meat Co. owner Steve Mendell.

Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., said Monday that Mendell would be required to testify on March 12. Mendell was a no-show at a meeting of the subcommittee last week.

Mendell did not immediately return a call for comment."

I think Bob said it best...

"Stay tuned for nothing to change."

Who knows Bob, maybe we will get lucky and something will change? and the wee ittle leprechaun hiding that gold I've been looking for is gonna show up any day now.... really.. he will!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Exit Stage Left..

Well I am proud to announce that my time at the Culinary Institute of America has come to an end.

I am officially a Alumni and will be relocating to a warmer climate soon. *Crosses Fingers*

Please excuse possible lack of update over the next week as my tethered love affair with the Internet will be severed.

Talk to you all soon!