Sunday, April 22, 2007

Can I get mine over medium please?

As with most of my days off I find myself "Link Jumping" (The act of spending countless minutes jumping from one link in a online blog or article to another) again in an attempt to try to catch up with the going ons of the culinary world.

Having your head buried in a pantry station for 5 days from sun up to sun down leaves little time for it. (Can you tell I worked alot this week?)

As luck would have it it I stumbled across a link for WD-50.

I had heard whispers over the last year about WD-50 and its owner/chef Wylie Dufresne. Named after his initials and the street address, this is Chef Dufresne's first time as owner and chef. His career started with the likes of Jean George at the time of the opening of Jean Georges.

As I usually do I began to poke around the photo section of the WD-50 webpage to see what hes up to and where hes going with his food.

One image had me stopped and amazed. I said to myself "Wow..." and a big grin spread across my face. Its rare today that an image alone can get me giddy about food. Dont get me wrong, Im giddy about food in general. But not often do I see an image alone that makes me clap my hands together and bounce in my seat like a 5 year old.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
All rights belong to WD-50

Now I know what your probably thinking "Um dude, its only an egg"... but wait theres more!

Under the picture is the caption :
Carrot-coconut "sunnyside up"

By now Im hoping the wheels are starting to turn and your saying "Wow... NEAT!"
Im going on an assumption here, but by the looks of it I would have to say its a coconut cream with a carrot puree or juice encased inside a gel.

I find myself sitting here saying, "I have to have that, I MUST go to WD-50 and eat that!" if it werent for my damn coconut allergy.

Ive added WD-50 to my "Hit List" and hopefully will be able to cross it off soon.

50 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002
Phone: 212.477.2900


Anonymous said...

Aww you're one of my people! I must confess I get all excited about food too... I'm not a chef or anything, but I'm currently working on finding the perfect snickerdoodles recipe. So far no good, though <_< I'm gonna bookmark this site :D

~ "fgg_1" from Livejournal

Eva Whitley said...

Well, I'm not allergic to coconut, so I'd be glad to save you. (And I always thought coconut-carrot would be a good combination.) Is that restaurant the one that serves foams?

That's a cool example of trompe l'œil, though.

The Foodist said...

Fgg_1: Wilkommen! thanks for keeping a bookmark on me! Hope I dont disappoint!

Eva: LOL, then its a date.. Aye it is one of the ones that does Moleculer Gastronomy but not as much as some others. I think WD has a good idea of limiting how much of it he does, while still sticking to traditional methods.

Tyrone B. said...

Oh, yeah...I got your atom/rss feed to work for me even though I got rid of the widget...

But I got your feed titles coming in on my right column about half way down.

good stuff