Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Will Bourdain Blow His Top?

Or will this whole thing blow over?

What on earth are you talking about your probably asking yourself.

Well being the movie geek that I am I check from time to time to see whats new/coming soon.

And low and behold I find:

No Reservations

and no it has NOTHING to do with Bourdains book or show.

Ive been slightly worried about the fame of Food Network spilling over into movies for some time and I think this one is gonna be the start. But I cant judge until I see it, but I cant help but wonder what Bourdains gonna think....


Becky said...

Can't wait to see what he says about it!!!!

The Foodist said...

He probably wont even make a comment about it, but when I saw it I thought.. "Wow I wonder if hes gonna flip out".

I kinda expected something like this to pop up soon. Hollywood has always been good at portraying the obsessed over emotional chef in its movies.

But I think this ones the first that makes it the main character and main plot.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood is exceptional at remaking classics. This one is a remake of a German film "Mostly Martha". I liked it as did my wife. It's likely filled with inaccuracies, but it was a fun see-with-the-significant-other film.

I'm curious to know how many real world chefs have been tempted to walk into the dining room with a raw steak and exclaim, "That rare enough for you?" before walking out.