Thursday, April 19, 2007

In Search of...

A co-workers family is due in tomorrow for dinner. I offered to do an Amuse Bouche for her.

Now its 1 am and I find myself turning to the internet of all places for an idea or something to get the creative juices that have all but dried up after a 15 or so hour shift.

In my search I find myself boggled by the amount of "Recipe" websites and blogs that offer very little in the way of creative ideas. For example on googled search led me to, which isnt even a recipe database its mearly another google-like link site.

Due to my current state being away from home and the rest of my personal belongings I am devoid of what little food books I have. Currently I feel like, how do I put this, a pirate without a parrot. Ok maybe not the best association but work with me here, Long shift today remember?

Anyway, so I spent an hour or so trying to find at least some decent idea or something to jog a flow of thought. My mind keeps going back to the asparagus soup I made last week but I was hoping to try something new.

I thought something with blueberries might lend a bright and fresh color, but I dont want to do something sweet. I dont think it will go well with the menu at all.

I have a few ideas currently but not sure how I feel about them just yet.

-Broccoli soup with herb infused Creme Fraiche and red pepper couli, served in a shot glass

-Broccoli soup with Pancetta and shaved truffle, served in a porcelain spoon

-Apple Consomme with fruit and vanilla shaving, served in a shot glass

again the last would be a great Intermezzo but Im not sure about an Amuse.

My mind keeps going to Broccoli or Asparagus for the reason that both lend themselves to a nice smooth, glossy, and vibrant green when made into a soup.

Whatever I end up doing Ill be sure to share... but I cant think on it anymore now.

8 Am shift comes early, to early.


Tyrone B. said...

Hey, thanks for the comments...yes the ship is medical in nature but we do everything as long as they are balanced meals...and then we get to do a lot of dignitaries and functions for Public Relations tours so that is nice.

Yeah, on the quacamole I do have my own personal version with is a little more 'serious' if you will...but I tend to swing a little simple knowing some of my friends and families are reading just to give them some quick options (especially my sisters family and her 3 small kids! hahaha).

I added your feed (a few days ago)to my widget on the right hand column in my blogspot, but it says its not you have your blog opened up for feed? Press the arrows on my widget till you get to your feed then see what it says.

My food feed (as I call it) had about 5 or 6 RSS or Atom feeds from blogs I check out.

Tyrone B. said...

I read HEAT a while was pretty good, mostly a book about restaurant life working for Mario Batali(and more info about him then anyone else has put together it seems - foodnetworks chefography of Mario felt sketchy and repetitive compared to the 'by the way' information by Bill Buford. But then again they got to sell that air time, right?).

Then some time in Italy with THE butcher...

hmmm, been some time ago...but as I remember still a good read!