Saturday, April 14, 2007

I got it!

Nope.. lost it.

Thats been my mental state all night. Some decent ideas for entries but they kept slipping through the cracks today. Now that Im home and I crawled into bed of course theyre flying through my head at a hundred miles an hour.

So heres a list of possible topics:

-5 Signs Your Restaurant is Struggling
-Higher Education: Culinary School vs School of Hard Knocks
-What We Eat Volume II: Modified Food Starch
-Best Laid Plans: Dreams of the Culinary Youth

Just thought Id get them down so I could reference them later.
If any look interesting or you think youd like to see please comment.

Oh and my camera did grow legs and walk out of the kitchen. Awsome, great super, and I had big plans for that camera in the coming week.


Tyrone B. said...

Yeah, Culinary School vs School of Hard Knocks...

I would like to read the info you drum up on that...back when being a chef was not a big deal, and finding a good culinary school in the South close to Alabama was a lot more challenging I find my chef/cook apprenticeships and manager training classes (from corporate restaurants I worked for)to be the greatest 'hands on' and I followed up with (later in life) all the book knowledge, travel, and cultural experience I could get.

But of course, outside of my resume and references most people (job interviewers/hr) are dissappointed that I have not been accredited with a 'culinary' degree that is recognizable by todays need for academic name-dropping. But it has not hurt me one bit...

I do however have a degree in Computer Information Systems (which that knowledge is now way outdated) that a grant, scholarship, and job at a local restaurant helped pay for.

Sigh, can I get my own show?

The Foodist said...

Thanks for checking me out, and thanks for the comment.

The info Id use is my own experience in both avenues. Been in and out of schools for the last few years as well as sweating it out on the line.

The more I thought about it the more I think Ill do this topic next.

oh and you can only get your own show if you get a stage band and a catch phrase.. its in the job description you know!

Tyrone B. said...

Yeah, I know...but I thought I could do it like one of bobby flays cheesy shows where he gets some local bad-name band to play us out to the commercial and wrap up the end of another 30 minute show. What one was that called...hmmm? Where he says get out and eat america? Food Nation?

Anyway, yep thanks for the comment...I looked at Ruhlmans site and thought that maybe he had got me with that...but then I wasn't sure and later forgot about it. I also check out Bob Del Grosso site too...

I think I found yours from a comment on Ruhlman, sometimes if the commenter seems like he is leaving a valid comment (not trash hash)and has an interesting name like, The Foodist, then I will click it and check it out.

You will probably find me rummaging around here from time to time.

I know my website is tyronebcookin but I incorporate some of my life that is not necessarilly cookin' as you have probably found out from looking at it (although lately it has been mostly about food things).

Thanks for the April Fool tip! I played right into it!

The Foodist said...

well stay tuned in and Ill stay tuned into yours.

Plan on having some fun and some serious moments on this blog.

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