Wednesday, August 1, 2007

In Pursuit...

I’ve always loved a great loaf of bread. Fresh out of the oven, soft interior, hard crunchy crust... it’s the stuff of dreams!

Being in bake shop this quarter has got me craving bread like no other. Giving me flashbacks of summers at my grandmothers, whose apartment outside Philly was a few blocks from a commercial bread factory, sniffing the air with that sweet smell of baking bread.

In lecture we talked briefly about how, in the time allowed for classes it was hard to make a really really great loaf of bread and it got me thinking..

What if I used my own time and the schools resources in an attempt to make some really really great bread.

So tomorrow I am approaching my Chef to ask his assistance in created a few loafs of excellent bread over the next couple weeks.

Hopefully all will go smoothly and in a week or so Ill have a few loafs of bread to enjoy and ship out.

Anyone interested in getting one of my experiments need only ask, if I have enough Ill be more then happy to send them off if all goes well.

In any case, I’m really generally excited to break some really great bread.

I have to point out this wonderful video posted by Bob del Grosso

Ladies and Gentlemen... If your going to protest something for god sake, ask what the hell it is!


Jezebel said...

They make a birthday loaf? hehe probably not...that day is rapidly approaching

closest thing is probably a fruit bread or zucchini....

tyronebcookin said...

Yeah, if your serious...send me some bread! Can you seal or ziploc it, since I am alway down here in tha' dirty dirty (south).