Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chili Cookoff: Gauntlet Thrown

Well its official.

"Off the Wagon" has been selected for one of the twelve finalists in the Culinary Institutes of America's annual Chili Cookoff.

We're both very excited and anxious to get out on the field next Sunday to make some good chili.

We had a very small test run this evening at a fellow students place and we are, to say the least, very content with the results.

Texture of the meat was dare I say perfect. It fell apart in your mouth while holding its shape in the pot and during service. The consistency was just a little loose, but nothing a small amount more cooking time wouldn't solve. The color was spot on, deep dark brown with a hint of red.

The choice to use adobo sauce to finish was a great idea. The aroma was enticing to the senses while not overpowering. An hour or so after eating the chili I got the wonderful taste of it in my mouth with the chipotle peppers showing up even till the end.

Sadly no camera was on hand to document the event, but with a promise there will be PLENTY of photos come Sunday.

For anyone interested the event will be the 23rd and open tasting starts at 1:30 PM.

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