Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy 1/2 Bday

A friend and co-operator of contacted me the other day to point out that he noticed this blog was "Doing well". Earlier I discussed the best place to track traffic on the site and he suggested Google Analytics, saying they were using it and were having some amount of happiness with it.

At the start of this month I signed up and started tracking and have been, well, very pleasantly surprised by the results. One of the most exciting aspects is seeing exactly where people are visiting from.

So a quick Hello/Bon Jour/Willkommen/G'day/Buenos Tardes to my friends across the globe who stop by to visit, glad to have you!

One of the other great aspects of seeing where people visit from is seeing the areas that have the most visits:

New York
Texas (Really?!)

I know I’m probably sounding a little off when I say it, but I’m excited to see all the repeat traffic from these locations. This will also give me a good standpoint on topics I could post relative to the areas viewing such as news, updates, happenings and the like.

But also it being the first of September this means:

The Foodist blog is 6 months old! *pops streamers and releases balloons*

We're getting basic motor skills down and starting to crawl so here’s to another good 6 months and thank you all for reading and participating!


Dave The Game said...

Congrats, sir! I have a recommendation to celebrate: send food to your readers :)

The Foodist said...

Sure, Ill send it via snail mail lowest postage paid.. should I send antibiotics with it?!