Monday, September 3, 2007

Chili Cookoff Recipe

Well, The recipe has been submitted and now we await word if it qualifies for competition.

I did allot of reading up on different award winning chili's and comparing and contrasting them under a microscope for a couple of days over the weekend.

It took a little more research into traditional chili and the have/have not's of really good traditional chili to come to a conclusion. 

After talking with my roommate about what we wanted to accomplish we set to brainstorming and come up with this:     Keep in mind this is only a basis for what we want to do. It'll be tweaked and refined over the coming weeks if we get accepted


“Off The Wagon” Chili
Developed by:
 Stephen Carter
Dominic Joseph


15# Beef Chuck, Cubed
5# Pork Butt, Cubed
1 T Veg Oil
1.5 oz Garlic, minced
5 # onion, medium diced
3 ea Dried Ancho Chilies, Diced
3 ea Dried  Pasilla Chilies, Diced
1 can Chipotle Chilies, Diced (Reserve Adobo Sauce)
Bourbon, To Deglaze
Cumin, TT
Ancho Powder, TT
Black Pepper, TT
Salt, TT
Dried Oregano, TT
1.25 Gallon Beef Broth
5 oz Onion, Chopped
4 oz Carrot, Chopped
4 oz Celery, Chopped
1 ea Dried Ancho Chili
1.50 gal water
1 # Roasted Beef Bone
4 # Beef Chuck


Day Before:
-Cut meat into uniform cubes.
-Mix together dry spices.
-Make reduction of two cup Bourbon, chill.
-Mix dry spices with Bourbon reduction and rub onto meat.
-Hold, covered in fridge overnight.

-Prepare Broth, Chill and hold for next day

Day of:
-Heat Veg oil in large pot.
-Sear off meat in batches, making sure to get good browning on all sides. Drain excess fat.
-Keep roughly 1-2 T fat in pot and on low flame slowly sweat onions, garlic, Ancho, and Pasilla chilies.
-Deglaze pot with Bourbon, reduce.
-Return meat to pot, cover with Broth.
-Add diced Chipotle
- Allow to reduce slowly, adding broth as needed over the course of cooking time.
- Adjust seasoning with dried spices, salt, and black pepper.
-To finish add reserved adobo  for added flavor.


Id like to give special thanks to Gary Allen for his feedback and suggestions. They made a big difference in the choices we made for this recipe.


Gary said...

You're quite welcome SeƱor Foodist -- it's clear that you've been doing your homework!

Recipe looks good -- the bourbon is not classic, but should work nicely (and what cowboy wouldn't appreciate a little nip while the chili cooks?).

When is the cook-off (I'd like a taste)?

The Foodist said...

Thanks again Gary.

The cookoff is set for Sunday the 23rd. We are awaiting word if we qaulify to compete, but I hope we do.

We wanted to something just a little more then standard classic. And what Chuck Wagon wouldnt have a little bourbon or whiskey on board right?

We figured it would lend a slight background taste to the dish while giving us a "topic" to create our booth decor on.

Let me know if your coming Ill save you a large bowl!

Michael Mad Mike Freedman said...

Bourbon to deglaze????? Professor Heywood would be surprised at that!
Go to & search recipes.
Good luck,
Mad Mike
a friend of Prof. Heywood!
If YOU don't know who he is....ask your prof.