Saturday, September 1, 2007

Polls are Closed.

Well the results from my poll are in. Seems most (40%/6 votes) of you decided that if you were to look at a resume youd pick the person with more job experience.

Culinary School education came in very close (33%/5 votes) and a larger majority then expected (26%/4 votes) decided that they didnt see a difference.

By the comments to the Debate Post relating to this poll I would have to say the majority would want a good mix of both.

It came to light that I should have been more specific when I said "Job experience", and what I meant was job experience equal to that of a culinary school grad. In otherwords both bottom rung.

What I was hoping to see was how the general public saw culinary grads. Are we just a bunch of pompus rich boys/girls who were looking for an easy way in or devoted foodies finding another path other then the dreaded internship?

I think by the reactions and the polls that we still see a sense that one who fights in the trenches so to speak would seem to be the better pick to the one who sits behind a desk. But a overwhelming majority said that a perfect mix of education and hard work would make the best candidate for employement. I was glad to see that, feeling as though anyone who attends culinary school should have that experience in a real kitchen so they know what they are in for.

Thanks for voting all! I look forward to the next Great Debate.


tyronebcookin said...

I don't really know how this plays out in things, except for a mindset or expextation...

Almost everytime I am asked 'what culinary school did you go to/graduate from?'

And almost 70% of people seemed dissapointed or unimpressed when I explained my work history...that I was apprenticed, took management courses/study for corporations within their restaurants, catered...etc.

Being dismissed with an un-approving (or uninterested) 'OH'.

The Foodist said...


I think alot of that has to do with both the stigma attached to that "apprentice" method of learning and our newfound facination with Culinary Schools.

Its almost as though if you dont graduate from a culinary school no one cares that you learned to cook under, lets say, Norman Van Aken.

And unless that chefs name starts with a E and ends with a -meril they want to hear "Johnson and Wales" or "Culinary Institute" come out of your mouth. Well at least people not in the know.