Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sad News

As I sat down to dinner tonight I was tapped on the shoulder by a former group mate. The original group I started the CIA with have long been graduated/moved on to the bachelor program and I see some old classmates from time to time.

He had a solemn look on his face and asked me:

"Hey did you hear about Chas?"

Turns out my former classmate Chas Ebeling died a month or so ago. From my understanding his heart gave out in the kitchen and was pronounced dead on the scene.

I knew Chas to be one of the most focused, hard working cooks I’ve ever had the privilege of working beside.

Quiet as he was, you could always count on him to make some random comment at some random time that made everyone laugh.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to speak with him again before his passing.

I’m left with only a reminder of how fragile life is, and how quickly the bright path of so many can be snuffed out.

The culinary world will miss you greatly Chas, Rest in Peace man.

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"One must retain the base, the foundation, and build on that modifying and refining to suit changing tastes in changing times" Chef Farnand Point

1 comment:

Brianna said...

Chas was my cousin. I was just thinking about him with the recent anniversary of his death and came across your blog. Thank you for your kind words. :-)