Wednesday, October 17, 2007

1000 lbs of corn on the wall, a 1000 lbs of corn...

It seems as though Michael Pollan and his book, Omnivore's Dilemma, have had a much larger impact on how we view what we eat then I thought it would.

Aaron Wolf, Ian Cheney, and Curt Ellis have made a documentary, King Corn, in which they follow Americas mass produced feed corn from the earth to our stomachs.

One of the most adhering aspects of the film is that they actually bought an acre or so of land and grew corn themselves.

I doubt it will be at a theater near me, but I'll be keeping my eye out for it as should you.


Jared said...

We can only hope that this movie will get the attention that Super size me received. McDonald's is a prime example of feeding us too much corn.

The lack of diversity in our diets really is discomforting.


Scott said...

I can't wait for the movie. I think material like this should be shown on prime time T.V.. People need to be informed, shaken, slapped in the face with their own bad habits. Knowledge is disseminated through advertisers now. Most consumers don't know the difference between the lies and the spin. I've begun to question my own thinking about food just because I don't always trust what I've been told. But this movie isn't really about food. It's about agribusiness and the commodity we call nature. We are deliberately growing crops for unhealthy processed foods. This is a gross perversion of nature.

Mara said...

Great work.