Monday, October 8, 2007

One Star Falls and Two Stars Rise

Tom Colocchio and his flagship restaurant Craft (NY) lose a Michelin star, while Gordon Ramsay and The London (NY) gains two.


Chef Sean said...

As a fan of Chef Ramsay, I must say that I'm thrilled to see his restaurant earn two Michelin stars. Some people may complain about his abrasive personality but the proof is in his puddings. He gets those stars by never compromising quality. "I'm not serving that pile of shit."

One might think that Chef Colicchio lost his star due to his "Top Chef" schedule. I don't believe that. Chef Ramsay after all gained two stars despite Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. I don't know if either spend a lot of time behind the line, but I do know that Chef Ramsay instills fear of "The Blonde One" in his people. Try to serve shit on a plate and he'll nail you. Colicchio might take a page from Chef Ramsay's playbook.

(I'd love to work for Chef Ramsay).

The Foodist said...

Its been stated that Colicchio lost his star due to "Lack of consistency". With that being said maybe it was the fact he was out of his kitchen so much that his staff slacked. Something I think Ramsey does not need to worry about.

I have friends who have dined at two of his london restaurants chefs tables and LOVED evey second of it.

I think the man does a fantastic job of not instilling fear in his employees but a sense of responsibility, of course the yelling and threats do help that.

He makes each of his employees responsible for everything they do to his standards and judges them accordingly.

Thanks for the comments, and I see your from Fairfax. You should try to get in to eat at Restaurant 2941 (link is on my main page). Its close to you and theyre doing some decent food.