Saturday, October 6, 2007

It Doesn't Take Much

There are a few moments in life that truly amaze and inspire me and in recent months I have been feeling that stagnant feeling as though it was about time for one of those things to present itself.

Now thanks to Bob and Michael Ruhlman I am feeling awash with the crisp fresh feeling of happiness and inspiration at another's success.

Ladies and Gentleman I would like to introduce you to:

Kitchen Z

Bryan Zupon is no ordinary Duke college student. While others are cheering at sports games, out drinking on Friday nights, and eating pizza and Chinese food he's in his jury-rigged kitchen preparing meals that would make some New York restaurants look paltry.

Zupon, a Economics and Media Major, started Kitchen Z in his Junior year and has become a sort of underground sensation in the Raleigh-Durham food scene.

I first caught the attention of Zupon from Ruhlman's latest blog entry that mentions meeting him at the BlogTogether event in Durham. Zupan not only cooks in his makeshift kitchen, but also reviews restaurants for the school paper and sits on the dining advisory board at Duke. He also guest blogs at eGullet.

What I find most intriguing about the whole thing... He doesn't want to become a chef.

“The hours are too long for the compensation you receive,” he said. “It’s a hard, sweaty job.”**

He respects the food, He loves the food, and he understands what it means to be a working Chef.

Well Bryan, you may not be a chef my friend, but your one hell of a foodie!

Congratulations on your success with your passion for food and your willingness to accept nothing less then great food.

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