Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Can Breath Again!..and The Air, its So Crisp!

..Both figuratively and literally. After being neck deep in wines class I exited only to be hit by a series of flu like symptoms. Now after almost a week I am starting to feel a little bit better and have a moment to come back to writing.

I wish I could say allot of exciting things have happened in the last week, but alas, I can not.

But on the horizon there is a light!

I will be interviewing Chef Phil Falsone from Hendricks Dairy Farm, who is their Executive Chef and Culinary Educator. Shortly after the interview I also plan on visiting the farm for a first hand view of daily operations.

Also in the works is a makeover for the blog thanks to Bartoneus over at Hopefully our combined genius will produce something a little less bland, if it doesn't destroy us first.

October is one of my favorite months, and fall one of my favorite times of year. The summer growing season draws to an end, the fall harvest comes rolling in bringing with it a bounty of corn, root vegetables, and a plethora of colour.

I am hoping to make it to one of the numerous apple orchards that upstate New York is so famous for as well as the Milbrook Winery or maybe even The Brotherhood Winery to help build on all that wine knowledge I seemed to have almost forgotten already.

I've had the pleasure of being given a little breathing room in finances, so hopefully I can translate that into a more esthetically pleasing series of entries in the near future.

All in all, October looks to be an up and up for the blog as I try to plan a little more diversity in the entries as well as a possible new look.

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Danny said...

Woo! Combined genius FTW!