Friday, October 26, 2007

Peter Peter Pumpkin...gutter?!

 Halloween is right around the corner, and being one of my favorite holidays (yeah that's right..HOLIDAY!) I think it only fitting to mention some Halloween-e stuff here.

As luck would have it in class lecture today Chef treated us to some pictures of some damn good pumpkin carvings. Done by a guy named Scott Cummins, his pumpkin carvings are incredible.

I can only imagine the time and effort it takes to do these things.

Check him out and have a great Halloween! 


redman said...

there used to be a guy about ten years ago- a woodworker by trade- who carved elaborate pumpkins and sold them at the Rhinebeck farmer's market on Sunday mornings. I don't remember his name but would be interested to hear if he is still up there. I sold fruit and veg for Mead Orchards, who also sold to Culinary and the Beekman, and this guy used to set up right next to our booth. A little weird, as I recall, but aren't we all

The Foodist said...


Theres a fine line between Genuis and Insanity... of course some of us stumble on both ends! ;-) It takes a special breed to do really good carvings I think..