Friday, June 1, 2007

The Cost of a Dream

Now that the first few days of classes are done and the weekend has come I thought Id get a real post done and out of the way.

I want to touch back for a second on a previous post about the current state of Culinary students and their loan situations by Kim Severson. I posted my feelings about the article previously but a series of events that took place upon my return to school leads me to touch on it in a little more, personal detail.

During my externship (A required part of the education here at the CIA) I filed my FAFSA and waited patiently to see what kind of Federal Aid I could be award to assist with the final cost of the 7.5 more months left till the end of my AOS. I heard back from the finacial aid department at school and was under the assumption(Theres that word!) that my federal aid was actually over the amount required and I was all set.

I called twice after to ensure that there were no costs that were being missed, I wass assured that all was right with the world.

Fast forward a few months to day 2 of re-orientation. Im standing in the bursars office at 8 am waiting to get my pink slip filled in so I could go about classes the next day. I approach the window, say goodmorning to which is replied..

"Welcome back! ok, thatll be 6,626$ please..."

The look on my face must have been something like me witnessing this womens head spliting open and leprichans doing a tap dance out of the empty shell because she almost lurched back in her chair when she looked up from the computer screen.

After talking with the bursars office it turns out I do not owe the school 6 grand..
No, I owe them 12 grand.

How on earth does this happen? I thought to myself.

Well turns out the finacial aid office does not have the data for on campus boarding. Which brings me to where I stand now.

With a month reprieve from the bursars office (on a 2 grand goodfaith deposit) I have to come up with 12 grand by July 1st, or Im out on my.. well you get the idea.

Now this brings me directly to my current status and my rant. Ready? cause here I go.

As a student who is planning on finishing his degree and attempting to use his education to improve his life how is it that my tiny little dream should cost me roughly 50,000 US Dollars to obtain?

And I have it kind of easy. Foriegn students are paying close to 65,000 right now for an AOS.

College has always been, and probably always will be, one of the most expensive endevors one will ever undertake in their life. Of that I am sure and well aware, but what I dont understand is for as much as is paid for this education youd think we could at least know before were standing in a corner how much is due.

I must have called the Finacial aid office a hundred times before returning, mostly out of fear that I was missing something. Had that office and the bursars/resident life/whoever communicated effectivly what was still due on my account I would have been able to secure a loan in the time I had.

Instead I am now scrambling to secure a loan in t minus 30 days and counting.

So, Whats the cost of a dream?
Stress and frustration would have to be my answer at the moment.


The O said...

Holy ****! I am sooo sorry to hear about that, man. While we are all fortunate to be receiving the monies required for our education, it's such a pain to deal with the people in charge of the money. You'd think with the cost of an education, they'd at least hire people good at communication.

The Foodist said...

Now that my immediate frustration and "tunnel of pure rage" vision has passed I can say that it was still MY responsibilty to check these things. i should have called Res life and the bursars office to ensure all moneys were paid. It falls on my lap but still very disappointing.