Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Funny Conversations

I linked the blog entry done by Hungry In Hog Town about using horse fat to get the perfect tasting french fry to my friend who is currently in vet school.

I wanted his take on using Horse fat, from a medical and different perspective.

What proceeded was, as is common with him, hillarious.

Me (8:43:25 PM): whats your take on it
Him (5:34:12 PM): what's my opinion on consuming horses?
Me (8:43:37 PM): the whole horse fat thing
Him (5:34:54 PM): i personally have never (knowingly) consumed anything that came from an equine source, so i can't personally recount flavor quality etc
Him(5:35:12 PM): however, my suspicion is that the whole thing is a placebo effect
Me(8:44:47 PM): oh probably yeah
Him(5:35:40 PM): i.e. they would taste just as good if cooked in bald eagle fat
Him(5:35:42 PM): or panda fat
Me (8:45:05 PM): lol
Me (8:45:09 PM): awsome

... Panda fat you say....

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