Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Fuel for the Foie Fire

This just came over the wire...

Foie Gras possibly linked to Mad Cow-like disease.

I can already here the activists peeing themselves with joy over this one.

to qoute from the text:

"“It is not known if there is an increase of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes or other amyloid-related disease in people who have eaten foie gras,” said Dr. Alan, director of the Human Immunology and Cancer/Alzheimer’s Disease and Amyloid-Related Disorders Research Program at University of Tennessee at Knoxville and lead author of the study. “Our study looked at the existence of amyloid fibrils in foie gras and showed that it could accelerate the development of AA amyloidosis in susceptible mice. Perhaps people with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or other amyloid-associated diseases should avoid consuming foie gras and other foods that may be contaminated with fibrils.”

Its validity is still in question, Ive sent an email and will follow up with a phone call as soon as I can get a moment, but boy oh boy is this gonna make the Anti-Foie movement a bunch of happy campers.


Rodrigo said...

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FaustianBargain said...

you might want to check out this old post by ruhlman at i am new to this blogging thang and i am only digging up the extraordinary drivel that have been making rounds..

it goes something like this..

When I first spent time at the CIA, one course I took was taught by a woman named Eve Felder.[..]
So I asked her where she stood on the foie gras issue, and here's what she emailed back:

Thanks, Michael. No, I do not have an issue with foie gras.

When I was a young chef, I spent about a week on a foie gras farm in the Dordogne valley in France. I spent days force feeding ducks.

The experience I had in France is that they fed the ducks a warm mash of corn, water and duck fat that was administered through a funnel.

got that? they feed duck fat back t o the ducks? and should it surprise anyone that foie gras can be similar to mad cow disease spreading cattle? doesnt anyone remember how mad cow started on the other side of the pond?

altho' i havent looked into this particular news item you comment on it.

The Foodist said...

Good point to be made. But in defense Im not sure how long ago that was written, as much has changed in animal raising since the CJD issue came to light in cattle.

That was also in France. Im not saying that the feeding practice in America would be any different but it would be something worth looking into.

Thanks for pointing it out