Saturday, June 16, 2007

Soundoff Sundays

Ive come to realize that I spend alot of time on this blog discussing and reporting on topics regarding the food industry, but dont spend alot of time talking about food.

Funky, I know.

In my downtime I spend alot of time searching the web for other foodies and reading what they are up to. I have come to really enjoy alot of these sites and blogs we are all committed to.

So I have decided to start a weekly segment Im going to call:

Shoutout Sundays.

Every Sunday I will post a link to a site I read, follow, or respect. I hope you all follow the link, bookmark, and enjoy these sites as much as I do.

So without any further delay...

I am pleased to give you Petit Chou.

This site is run soley by Julianne, AKA Petit Chou. Great photos as well as the feeling that she just plain loves food. It hasnt been updated since the end of 2006 (Hope all is well with her) but reading the backlog is well worth it.


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