Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mario Sounds Off..

.. and boy is he pissed.

Thanks to Bob Del Grosso for pointing this one out on his blog.

Mario Batali Chimed in and gave his two cents on food blogs/bloggers. The piece cuts deep and quick getting right to the point and making a very strong stance.

It has left me to think a lot about what I post and ask myself "Is this valid, non-slanderous information?".

The only response I can come up with, God I hope so!

I hate misinformation and down right mud slinging as much as Batali it seems. Now at the moment I can’t hold a candle to his wealth of information or skill (yet, mind you) but I try my best to dig and learn before I speak.

Batali brings up a really good point about blogs being nothing more then a conduit for mudslinging and misinformation. The internet in general is a polluted sea of garbage you have to wade through to find some real worthwhile stuff, and blogs are no exception.

But for some a blog is nothing more then a soapbox they can stand on and preach and hope someone sees their point of view. It’s like walking through a bazaar of self proclaiming prophets and seers who will tell you what they know is truth and what they say is gospel.

So how do you safe guard yourself? What can you do to make sure the information you post is correct and not opinion?

I’m not sure I have the answer really. I can tell you what I do. I email, I call, I search for the topic in more then one location, and I ask a lot of questions. I’m not saying that this is the right thing to do in regards to finding out fact vs fiction, but its what I know to do right now.

And sometimes Im very wrong in what I report. But if I can catch it, and I can look deeper into it Ill try my best to face the facts and own up to the fact I was wrong, and if I can find the right information Ill tell you about it. That’s all I can promise.

Now it sounds by now that I’m defending myself and my blog. Yeah, you’re probably right, but Batali makes a damn good point and brings the issue to forefront of my mind.

He ends his post by saying:
But, in the end, I do not hate the blogger. I just expect, and want, more from many of them.

He’s absolutely right. There’s too much misinformation already, I refuse to add to the garbage. So, I hope in some small way, that I meet those expectations Mr. Batali.. and if I do not, then I hope to improve till I do.

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