Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Humble Pie You Say?

Ill have a slice please!

So far to date, and much to my surprise, the votes have Picture C as the leading example of "Food Art", with Picture A a close second.

What I have realized, through discussion, debate, and research is that what we perceive as art is heavily based on "Opinion". Also the whole idea of "Intent" was just recently brought to my attention, an idea that leads to a whole series of other debates and questions. But let’s look at what I know now...

A) Art in a general sense is considered so by the opinion and the agreement of the Majority.

B) Food itself can be art, as suggested by paintings depicting Breads, Fruits, and Vegetables. The focus of the painting being these items and nothing else, suggesting the artist saw these items as beautiful by themselves.

C) The idea of food being art is a growing opinion in this country. Allowing chefs to become freer to experiment with plate presentation.

The debate of "What is art?" is nothing new, and it may never truly be answered. Mainly due to the fact that there is no REAL answer to that question. Its opinion, art is opinion in its most simple form. Some see Piss Christ as art, while others see it as Heresy, Some see the Mona Lisa as a timeless classic, while others see her as "That one chick" (Actual quote I kid you not).

But it’s the majority opinion that allows us to socially except something as "Art". It’s the masses that decide beauty in creative form and the masses are beginning to see the beauty in food.

So, the question that remains today, for me at least, is this:
Why, if the majority sees food as art, does the art community still consider food "Not Art"? What would it take for them to see otherwise?

This of course is a gross generalization based of articles I’ve read and stories I’ve heard, the loud voices of a few speaking for a whole community is never a good thing. But it’s the loud voices that form public opinion, and right now Id have to say public opinion matches my question.

****side note***
I am still awaiting a response from both Harvard and Yale Visual Arts Departments as to their official stance on what "Art is" and if they consider food art/food to be art. I’m really interested to see what comes back and Ill share with you the second I hear.

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Jezebel said...

Just some side notes:
1) what is art? yes, it's a matter of opinion but this opinion is based on the aesthetic response...what draws you in..captures you...makes you wanna touch a juice textured painting, examine the colors in a composition, look closer, ask questions, read that little label that gives the details(artist name, media and title) and in the case of food art: makes your mouth water. It's unique to each viewer. Not everyone gets the same vibe or interpretation from the same piece.

Having spent 5 years in college studying art and education: critiquing, creating and appreciating art; I have found that yes it is opinion but most artists or art historians speak of the aesthetic response. this response applies to many arts: theatre, music, visual art, conceptual, performance art, etc. this aesthetic response will either make you appreciate a work and ask questions or continue walking onto the next piece.

One definition I found online that seems to fit well and is general enough :
Art : the products of human creativity

So if you have created a taste wining and eye appealing dish. Then yes, you have created art on 2 levels both visually and palate pleasing.
Seems that the production of food in general covers many subject areas: the science of composing a dish, the arrangement of an aesthetically appealing plate, the taste it brings to your palate (balancing flavors) and the history of it's inception.

2) best bet to get a response from those institutions is to look on the directories online and email several art professors, maybe even the art department head or chairman.
3) Speaking of controversial artists aka Andres Serrano and "Piss Christ". Mr.Serrano has seem to change his tune a bit and is doing a body of work called America. This is just like the title suggests very all American (ie: postal workers, boy scouts, veteran, etc). It's kinda funny and a far cry from his days of Piss Christ and the Morgue photos. Art and Artist are ever changing.