Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Attention Choco-holics

I have come to nurse along your desire for all things chocolate with nothing more then a recipe... but not just any recipe, oh no no nooooo...

What we have here, is a recipe for... Chocolate Truffles. *Dun Dun Duuuunnnn*

So grab a pen and paper, or if your internet inclined Cntrl C, tranfer to Word, Cntrl V and lets get started.

Chocolate Truffles
Makes about 50 truffles, scale as needed

You will need the following items:

2 Large Stainless steel bowls (One bowl filled less then halfway with ice water)
2 Pots, 1 Pot is used as a double boiler so the bowl should fit snuggly into the pot.
1 Pint/Quart/or Cup measuring cup
1 Heat resistant Rubber Spatula
2 Sheet trays (Cookie sheets are fine for home use)
Wax paper (2 to 3 sheet tray size sheets should be fine)
1 Fine Grainulated Sifter
1 medium bowl
1 pot (Again to fit the medium bowl)
Latex/Foodservice Gloves

In order or importance/Prep list

Part One
1.5 # of Semi sweet chocolate. If your buying for home use and using bars break apart. DO NOT USE SEMI SWEET PELLETS/CHIPS.
8 oz Heavy Cream
4 oz Curacao Liqueur Orange flavor works best, but other liqueurs work well to.

Part Two
2 #'s Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 # Cocoa Powder, sifted

Part One:
-Crush your semisweet chocolate and place into large bowl
-Place about a half a cup of warm water in the first pot and place on stove on medium heat, allow water to come to a simmer and maintain that temp. **DO NOT PLACE BOWL ON POT YET**
-Measure out cream and Liqueur, do not mix.
-Place cream in second pot, bring just to a boil on stove.
-Working quickly add boiling cream to chocolate, working in smooth motions with a rubber spatula (heat safe). Be aware the chocolate may seem as though it is "siezing" on you, keep working the chocolate as best you can
-Place bowl onto double boiler and add Liqueur.
-Work in swift but smooth motions to ensure all chocolate has melted. You should end up with a velvet like look to the chocolate but still offering a slight resistance when stirred.
-Remove from double boiler and place bowl into ice bath. Stir chocolate gently, pressing against the sides of the bowl to smooth out any and all lumps. When the chocolate begins to feel stiff and becomes hard to mix by hand, scrape down the sides of the bowl and place into freezer. (Make sure to clean off spatula and hold for next step)

What we have done in this step is created the base for our truffles. This mixture when cooled to the right temp will be pliable enough to roll into balls, but soft enough to eat with ease.

Step Two:

-Place semisweet chips into medium bowl.
-Place over second double boiler
-Melt chocolate about 2/3'rds of the way.
-Remove pot and bowl from the heat and continue to stir the chocolate till compleatly melted. Once this is done remove bowl from double boiler.
**This Melted Chocolate will need to be at about room temp when used in the final application. Slightly lower then body temp (98 degrees F), If it gets too cool replace over double boiler and warm slightly.**

-Place wax paper on one sheet tray, dust liberaly with cocoa powder. Hold for final application

-Place wax paper on second sheet tray. Hold for final application.

Final Application

Remove chocolate from freezer. Ensure it is warm enough to mold, but cold enough to not melt. Get together your sheet tray of Cocoa, your melted chocolate, and your dry sheet tray.

**If you have foodsafe gloves, now would be a great time to put them on!**
-First, form your chilled chocolate into bite size balls (Slightly larger then a large marble) Hold on wax paper. Work quickly at to ensure chocolate maintains correct tempurature, move chocolate in and out of freezer as needed. **Formed balls do not need to be rechilled, once shaped they can stay out**

-Once all your balls have been made Lay out your Mise en place (prep) in this order:
(Based off a right handed person, sorry lefties- just reverse ;-) )
Left- Sheet with formed balls
Middle- Bowl of melted chocolate
Right- Tray with cocoa powder
Far right- Container that you will hold your truffles in

Working from Left to Right:
-pick up a ball with one hand
-hold over melted chocolate bowl, using opposite hand dip into chocolate, transfer ball to that hand, roll ball gently in melted chocolate. **The idea is not to smother the ball in melted chocolate but to give it a nice coat.**
-using "Clean hand" drop ball onto tray with cocoa, roll in cocoa till covered, transfer to clean container.
**This process is alot easier with two people, one coating the balls the other rolling and transfering to container**

Repeat as needed till all balls are done.
These can be held at room temp.

There you have it, Easy Truffles!!

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