Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Now What?", A student dilemma

Every couple months the CIA hosts career fairs and invites numerous employeers to recruit on campus for externs as well as graduates.

Today was one such fair and as I made my rounds shaking hands, meet and greets, and shoot the breeze I realized, sadly, there was no job site that really jumped out at me.

With graduation looming just after the new year the thought of securing a post school job has been forefront in my mind. Yet, with the unique situation I find myself in finding a job I know I can perform well at and make something out of is seeming to be harder then I thought.

I was hoping to be able to look into some avenue of food writing, but alas no such luck at this job fair.

My choices seem limited post graduation, only graduating with an Associate Degree limits the options that are open to me and with no other degree to back me up my hopes rested on slugging it out on a hot line while I pieced it all together.

I tell myself not to worry, that this is what to expect after graduation.. but after wandering around the career fair today I got horrible mental images of being stuck doing prepared meals for upscale grocery stores or worse yet... getting stuck behind a desk doing R&D or something of the sort... oh the humanity!

There is still time till G-Day but I dont want to wait till the last minute to find something. Ending back up where I started is not really going to work to well for me.
So I plug away, studying as hard as I can and hoping that something out there screams to me in a language I understand...

"Psst Hey you.. yeah you!... Come work here, youll love it."

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