Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Its ON!

My roommate and I have decided to enter the 16th Annual CIA Chili Cook-off.

Chili is both one of my favorite dishes to eat and cook so this should prove to be, if anything, fun.

First step is submitting a recipe for review. The top 8 recipes will be chosen to compete in the actual cook-off.

Its one of the biggest in school competitions we have, also yielding the largest first place prize...8oo$, and bragging rights that you make the best damn chili on the CIA campus. The moneys nice, but man the bragging rights are awesome!

After I submit our recipe and hear if we made it to the finals I will share it with you all


Gary said...

"...bragging rights that you make the best damn chili on the CIA campus"?

Really -- does Jim Heywood still teach there? Why do I ask? Because if you haven't tasted "Big Jim's Hogbreath Chili" you've missed an essential, if unofficial, part of your education!(Paul Bocuse once described Chef Heywood as "Le Roi de Chili")

The Foodist said...
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redman said...

is female chef heywood still there?

The Foodist said...


I want to say yes but cant say for certain.

The Foodist said...


Seems I may have made a mistake. It seems Chef Heywood retired from the CIA in 2006.

A week before I began to attend classes here there was a chef who died from complications of Diabeties. For a long time now I could have sworn it was Chef Heywood.

I was wrong.

BUT, they still did remove the chili from lunch rotation which in my opinion was a crime against tastebuds.

Looks like I will have to look more closesly before I respond on some subjects! Im going to chalk this up to a learning experience.

Gary said...

Big Jim was an amazing asset for the school. He was a student in the first CIA class (in CT), he is delightfully outspoken, and a master of the sort of one-liner metaphors as could never be printed in either official or family-oriented documents.

When I knew him, he taught Charcuterie and Garde Manger. Because of our mutual love of all things containing capsaicin, he once got me assigned as a judge in an ICS chili cook-off. I can send you an account, off-list, if you like.

Aside to Redman: His wife, Liz, left the institute sometime shortly before I did -- which is say over six years ago.

The Foodist said...


I would be delighted to have an account of that cook off! Thanks.

I know for a fact that Chef Heywood is still considered a huge assest to this school. When chefs speak of him its of nothing but respect and admiration.