Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Id like mine on the rocks please.."

Thanks SO much to my friendMethadoneklinic for pointing this wonderful piece of news out to me.

Apparently the Diageo Company, which bottles and sells Smirnoff Products, has come up with a wonderful idea to catch consumers of a few watchful groups.. The Health Weary, The Water Friendly, and the Alcohol Worried.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Smirnoff Source!

What’s so special about this product you ask?

Smirnoff Source™, the new premium malt beverage offering from Diageo North America that combines pure spring water with alcohol is now on beer retailers' shelves and high-end bars throughout the Northeast. At 3.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), this new premium malt beverage, with a hint of citrus, has fewer calories and lower alcohol by volume than most popular domestic beers.

um... so let me guess this straight.. Your selling me watered down alcohol, because you think I want it that way? Hell, if I wanted a watered down drink Id go to any bar in my area and ask for anything on the wall!

This had me laughing for some time. Best part is they say "Fewer calories and lower alcohol by volume" like we should be surprised, no kidding Sherlock.. your adding spring water to it!

I wonder how long this will last on the shelves. If the trend of American Consumers in recent years tells us anything its gonna be the hottest thing since sliced bread...

Speaking of bread.. Ill have to remember to post the recipe for the Olive Ciabbiata we made today. Normaly I dislike olives, was never a big fan, but this bread is.. well amazing.


Thanks again to Methadone for linking this video of the tv spot for this crayness.

Now after watching that I have both the urge to hit a club AND workout... strange.. is smirnoff programing us for the next fad in the club scene?

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methadoneklinic said...

Here is the commercial that prompted me to wonder if I had just been dreaming:

Pure Spring Water + Alcohol.

The only thing that could add to the irony is if their "Pure Spring Water" were just filtered tap water. Now, for some reason, I am craving some Dasani and/or Aquafina.