Saturday, August 4, 2007

Excuse me sir, did you eat Rafaels yesterday, smoke, then have desert?, cause we found you by a drop of sweat... oh and you shouldnt have had that pie, your diabeties wouldnt like that

So apperantly Big Brother is not only watching us, but what we eat, smoke, drink.. and if you commit a crime is his town all he needs is a drop of sweat to take you out, and I dont mean on a date!

*Thanks again to Bob del Grosso for this one, I dont know where you find this stuff but please GOD keep finding it!

Id also like to do a shameless self plug and a plug for my friends over at while Im at it.

Its very rare that I find an out of the norm movie that I really really love, and for anyone who follows this knows how much I love(d) Ratatouille (oh and you havent seen it yet your dead to me, dead you hear me!) will know that if I find a movie I like I feel the need to share that love with everyone and anyone.

So after seeing Sunshine the other week I immediatly emailed my Uber-G33k friends at and begged to be given the chance to post a review of the movie.

and Here it is..

And check in on them every so often, if you love comics, movies, gaming or just plain g33kn3ss youll love them... I tend to fancy Youtube Tuesdays...

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